After collectively spending over 31 years in the automotive industry and listening to literally thousands of customers, the founders of Trade-In Solutions felt it was shameful to hear how burdensome it was to deal with typical automotive dealers and the exhaustive process of negotiating the value of their trade-in for a down payment. Ultimately getting less than fair market value for their vehicle from most dealer’s, makes the entire process even worse.

They listened to what consumers had to say and came up with the innovative process that is now the hallmark of Trade-In Solutions. A concept that is designed to make selling a car a virtually stress free and rewarding experience.

No more wasted hours of useless negotiation and the dealer’s attempt to hide or bury the “true value” offered for the trade-in.

Instead Trade-In Solutions customers are treated to a simple three step process of selling their vehicle:

  1. Make an appointment
  2. Get a free detailed appraisal.
  3. If the offer is accepted, our business office will immediately complete all the necessary paperwork including DMV transfers.

Payments are processed and shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight the next day.

Unlike other dealers, we explain the whole process.

It's that easy!

We at Trade-In Solutions are confident that our customers will be completely satisfied with our process and offers. We even suggest that they go to a traditional dealer first, get a written offer, fax or email it to us to compare before scheduling the appointment. For more details visit

The absence of stress and the financial benefit of doing business with TIS will be immediately obvious. Guaranteed!

Don’t wait – call today to make an appointment or simply schedule online at


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